Install Windows 11 on Proxmox 7

Steps required to install Windows 11 in Proxmox 7:

  1. Download Windows 11.

  2. Download virtio-win drivers for KVM

  3. Create a Virtual Machine in Proxmox with the following fields populated:

    Section Field Value Comments
    General Name name-of-vm Your VM Name
    OS Use CD/DVD Your Windows 11 ISO
    OS Guest OS / Type Microsoft Windows
    OS Guest OS / Version 10/2016/2019 Choose this version or later
    System SCSI Controller VirtIO SCSI
    System Qemu Agent Check
    System BIOS OVMF (UEFI)
    System Add EFI Disk Check Pick a location for EFI Disk (same place as you Windows 11 Storage)
    System Machine q35
    System Add TPM Check
    System Storage Same storage location
    System Version v2.0 TPM Storage Version
    Hard Disk Bus/Device VirtIO Block - 0
    Hard Disk Disk size (GiB) 64 Microsoft Recommends 64GB
    CPU Cores 4 Microsfot Recommends 2 or More
    CPU Type kvm64 / Host Host would be the best option, but make sure you have a similar setup if you want ot live migrate
    Memory Memory (MiB) 8192 its Windows 11, 8GB should give you some breathing room to test features
    Memory Balooning Device Check Enables reclaiming unused memory
    Network Model VirtIO (Paravirtualized)
  4. Add Another CD/DVD Drive for the VirtIO ISO Disk

  5. Boot Up -> Install -> Windows 11 Installation -> Custom -> No Hard Drives

  6. Click Load Driver -> CD Drive with virtio-win-XXXX

    amd64 -> w10
  7. Load network driver

    NetKVM -> w10 -> amd64
  8. After you have fully finished installing Windows, go to the CDROM, Choose the virtio-win-gt-x64 executable to bring up a menu that will install all the other required drivers.